Dan Gilbert, Levan Professor of Ethics and Management

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In this latest edition of Next Page, Dan Gilbert, the David M. LeVan Professor of Ethics and Management, shares with us books that inspired his teaching career, his love of baseball (1,100+ games and counting!), and the activities he’s looking forward to as he shakes off the Gettysburg winter and settles into retirement in sunny Southern California. We will miss you, Dan!

Larry Marschall, Professor of Physics

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In this issue of Next Page, Professor of Physics Larry Marschall tells us about the many influential authors (and a musician!) who inspired everything from his career path, to his political involvement and how he raised his children.

Amy Dailey, Assistant Professor of Health Sciences

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In this next edition of Next Page, Assistant Professor of Health Sciences Amy Dailey shares with us which article she recommends to students for a better understanding of the health care crisis in America along with her mild fascination with dystopian literature and books about mammograms.

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